A New Day

This year has been a hard one for many people.  For me a lot was going on and then the pandemic hit.  As soon as I get up from one thing I get hit by the next wave.  So lately I have not really been wanting to get up.  Putting the one foot in front of another has gotten a little old and difficult.  Basically I want to sit down and say, “I’m done.”  “Can we stop the world and I get off now?”.

Well I am a spiritual person and it is often the Lord will interrupt my thoughts.  I used to talk to him all the time whenever I was alone – kind of keeping the prayer in the heart thing going.  I don’t do that as much because I know he is there.  I was thinking how tired I was and saying “I’m done” as I was driving home from taking my husband to work. This is the thought that came to me.

Many years ago when my oldest was 12 and the others were 5 and 1. We had some friends ask us to join them to go to Disneyland.  We would caravan and enjoy the park and other outings together.  Well, our car broke down and we didn’t get to go with them.  Since the money and the trip was planned I decided to go anyway on our own, after the car was fixed, just the three kids and me.  The trip was long and we did go to the park, camped out, visited family and started home.  We had one more place I wanted to go and that was the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  We left the family and headed out.  I was hoping to get there in time to get a campsite.  No such luck – we got there in time to find a spot in the grass for dinner.  My oldest was lamenting.  She had been a good sport most of the trip but it was getting to her now. All three kids got sick at one point with throwing up.  The trip was colder than we anticipated and she just wanted to get home.  She could not see what all the fuss was about – could we just go home?  I kept telling her it would be worth it – to just wait until we got there.  

When we arrived we got out and walked to the overlook.  The expressions from her mouth said she could see what the big deal was.  Wow, this is amazing. It was worth it.  

So when I was thinking I just want to be done I thought of this trip.  Now I am the daughter and I am saying can I just go home now?  But the thought in response was – Just wait, you will see.  It will all be worth it.

I have no idea what is to come but I do have enough faith to know that it will be worth it.

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